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Human Resource Development

The Human Side

Human Resource Development for small to mid-size business. The people in your company represent your greatest investment and your greatest potential.

At The Human Side, we take care of developing the people and the culture of small to mid-size businesses. You went into business to follow your dreams, make a profit. Now, with our help, you can invest in you and your people, leverage your most important asset, and be free to grow your business.

Most small to mid-size businesses either have no Human Resource representation or limited resources. The Human Side fills this development needs gap.



“By far the best… very impressed.”

-W. Hillmer, Consumers Co-op Refinery Ltd.

“I have been working with Barry for over a year and have found him to be easy to talk to; we had a good rapport right from the start. Our coaching sessions have been beneficial by showing me that the message I give is not always received the way I intend and tools to ensure I get my message heard. One of the tools I use the most is before I go into any conversation I ask myself “what is my role” and I have found that I have been connecting better with colleagues and clients when I take the time to think about the possible outcomes. The other great tool is I am responding more than reacting and that has furthered my work and personal relationships.”

-Brad Hopfauf, Vice President, Wainwright Credit Union

"Very helpful. Energetic and knowledgeable facilitator makes taking the course fun.”

-D. Hintz, Mosaic Potash