I am fortunate enough to work in an organization that truly believes in coaching.  Barry asks me the hard questions I know I need to answer, but skirt when trying to work through a challenge on my own.  I have grown over the past four years in working with Barry, further than I would have had I not worked with Barry.  He has pushed me out of my comfort zone to explore those uncomfortable areas, always checking in to see if it is okay – and always with the caveat, that from discomfort comes growth.


How does this translate to by skills at work?  As I said, my organization truly believes in coaching and emulating Barry, at times, has made me a better coach.  Yet it goes beyond coaching.  By challenging my perceptions in our coaching sessions, I have learned to expand my thought processes and see the bigger picture.  Understanding the bigger picture has allowed me to be more open to the different perspectives of those I work with.  I am listening and really hearing others, allowing me to work to implement strategies for the organization that are the best for everyone, not just my group.

Chris Swan - Encompass Credit Union
April 27, 2018


J. DeCorby, V.P. - Conexus Credit Union

January 19, 2017

Enjoyed immensely. It is clearly evident where I need to concentrate my efforts. I am encouraging the rest of my staff to participate.

S. Bellamy - Brandt Engineered Products

April 11, 2017

The most enjoyable, fast-paced training session I’ve been involved in.

J. Shimozawa - Vancouver Coastal Health

June 27, 2017

Powerful and practical. Great training for anyone in a people focused profession.