Was very inclusive, respectful. Learned our environment so that we could truly
use tasks for our situation.


Taking this course has helped me hone my skills to deliver the best customer
service experience.


I would recommend this course to all that deal with the public.


I have taken many customer service classes over the years including 1995 with Barry and I can honestly say I feel I have taken more out of these 2 courses with Barry than all the others combined.


Very engaging – practical application in all aspects of my life, not just work. I
have attended many of Barry’s workshops and always find the sessions
informative and life changing – applies to not only career but to all aspects of
my relationships and life. I always am able to learn a new skill or add to my
skills already learned.


This was an excellent workshop with practical exercises and worthwhile
information that I can use in both my professional and personal life.


I am grateful for the opportunities to learn to be a more effective leader and
supervisor. I am thankful that (my company) recognized the value to training our staff in Customer Excellence to allow them to be better employees and grow on a personal level. I appreciated the openness of conversation; pace was great;
keeping on topic and task-timely.

There were great conversations during the workshop and they were all
appreciated by Barry.

I always look forward to Barry’s classes and come out confident in the

Barry is very knowledgeable on Customer Service. His delivery, voice and real-life examples enhanced the training.

I can see this program working well as there is longevity and follow through.