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The Human Side’s  Customer Service Development 

For the love of service 

Can you relate to these challenges? 

● Stressed/difficult customers ● Staying positive ● A tough interaction impacting the next interaction ● Adapting to customers – needs, demands, styles ● Getting cooperation from other departments/team members ● Reacting rather than responding to customers ● Serving via email and web-conferencing vs in person 

Customer Experience Excellence, our foundation program, gives you the interactive learning experience to respond to the customer service challenges you encounter.

● Available in online, webinar and classroom formats for blended learning ● Ongoing follow-through program ensures your learning sticks ● Leadership support sessions and follow-through  ● Extensive experience ● Proven methodologies ● Wide array of additional learning modules          • Building Habits for Service Excellence          • Internal Service Excellence          • Challenging Service Situations          • Deepening Service Conversations          • Creating Extraordinary Customer Experiences          • Creating Customer Success 

The staff at North Kamloops Physio.
January 2020


Follow-through exercises at The City of Regina. January 2020


Can you relate to these senior leadership challenges? 

● Keeping sustained focus on service excellence ● Inconsistent service delivery

Senior Leadership – Leading Customer Experience Excellence helps you design your high-level game plan and strategies for supporting sustainable service excellence. 

Barry Davis speaking at Innovation Place in Saskatoon.
Fall 2019


Can You Relate to these manager/supervisor challenges?

● Inconsistent, sporadic focus on service excellence ● Lack of role modelling for service ● Too much time dealing with service escalations ● High stress cause by external and internal customer issues

Manager/Supervisor – Leading Customer Experience Excellence gives your leaders all the tools to model, lead and support service excellence for your team members.

Leaders at Lakewood Animal Clinic.
Fall 2018


We work with you to build the love of service and the skills of service into your culture

Defining what service means to us.

Building our service mindset and skills.

Embedding habits. Experiencing success.

Embracing, belonging and ownership.

Our development includes blended learning options and extensive depth of content for all employees.

Senior Leadership

Leading Customer Experience Excellence

Managers and Supervisors

Leading Customer Experience ExcellenceCoaching Habits for Service Excellence

Level 2 Development

● Building habits for Service Excellence● Internal Service Excellence● Challenging Service Situations● Deepening Service Conversations● Creating Extraordinary Customer Experiences● Creating Customer Success

Customer Experience Excellence

● Foundational Program

Available online

Department Specific Development

● Scenarios● Language● Logistice


The Human Side

All programs are available as virtual workshops.

Our Five Service Energizers

One of the greatest challenges organizations have is sustaining focus and energy on delivering service excellence. The Human Side uses our Five Service Energizers to ensure application and sustainability of customer service learning.  

  • 1. Leadership Support  

    ● Maintaining service excellence as a strategic priority
    ● Investing in a ----- Service Culture
    ● Modelling of service excellence
    ● Coaching for awareness and growth
    ● Providing feedback​

  • 2. Communication 

    ● Building “the why” of service excellence
    ● Clarifying expectations
    ● Providing updates 

  • 3. Design and Learning  

    ● Assessing needs
    ● Customizing design
    ● Providing blended learning
    ● Classroom
    ● Online
    ● Webinar 

  • 4. Follow-through  

    ● Implementing Leadership Support Guides ● Providing Quick Byte reviews for leaders and employees
    ● Adding new learning
    ● Supplying visuals and reminders
    ● Conducting Service Minutes
    ● Facilitating ongoing reviews
    ● Guiding as a Service Advisor 

  • 5. Metrics

    ● Creating objectives
    ● Determining metrics and ongoing measurement
    ● Driving continuous improvement