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Barry Davis

President, coach and learning facilitator at The Human Side, Human Resource Development

Barry Davis is a seasoned high-performance coach, accredited with a Chartered Professional in Human Resources designation, a nationally recognized level of achievement within the field of human resources, and an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF).
Over thirty-eight years of experience working with business leaders as a learning facilitator, coach and consultant, has given Barry the insight to see and support his clients to solve performance issues – from both a business, and personal perspective. 
Barry’s unique approach is to combine natural empathy with business experience and research on how brain function impacts performance. After years of research and practice he has developed a series of beneficial and proactive ways to enhance healthy habit formation by embracing change. With more than 1000 hours of coaching experience, his expertise and toolkits are extensive.

Areas of Specialty

Customer Service, coaching skills, learning and development facilitation, leadership, healthy and accountable communication, application and sustainment of learning and development

Brand Attributes

Compassionate, experienced, dynamic, challenger

Life Information

• Married with 4 adult children in their blended family
• Daily focus on healthy, active habits
• Loves playing and watching sports
• Enjoys time at the cabin with family
• Constantly learning and growing


• 37 years as a learning facilitator and speaker• 14 years of experience coaching entrepreneurs and middle through executive levels in private sector and public organizations• International Coach Federation – Associate Certified Coach• Chartered Professional in Human Resources• Certified to deliver The Coaching Clinic and Expedition Coaching Program• Certified in Conversational Intelligence® program by The World Business & Executive Coach Summit• Certified in Coach Master Toolkit® program by The World Business & Executive Coach Summit• Bachelor of Commerce • Barry has an extensive array of toolkits that he uses to assist his clients including:

Change LeadershipConflict ResolutionCulture of TrustEmployee EngagementConversations That InfluenceLeading Service ExcellenceBehavioural CoachingConversational Intelligence®Leadership DashboardCoaching Model and SkillsTeam DevelopmentTime Management and Personal OrganizationBuilding and Sustaining Productive Habits

• Extensive research, learning and development of programs focused on how brain science helps people to make and break habits, communicate more clearly and build healthy relationships

Coaching Experience

Barry has worked with a wide variety of coaching clients focusing on issues/situations ranging from personal to work challenges including:

Employee engagement
Focus and productivity
Dealing with conflict
Building confidence
Improving communication

He has coached in larger organizations like Farm Credit Canada, coaching mid to senior leaders as well as Credit Unions across Western Canada. 
At Farm Credit Canada, Barry learned a great deal from leaders as they were building their accountability culture with Lorretta Malandro. Since that time, Barry has worked extensively with various clients to build accountability in their organizations. 

Barry is currently or recently has coached C-level leaders in a provincial government commission as well as small business leaders including veterinarians and financial planners. Over the last five years, Barry has coached a number of VP and mid-level leaders in Alberta Credit Unions.

Business Background

Barry has been a speaker, trainer and coach over the last 37 years. The vast majority of his work has been with Saskatchewan’s Crown Corporations, including SaskTel, SLGA, SaskPower, SaskEnergy and SGI. Most of Barry’s work with these organizations has been training trainers and facilitating customer service development and coaching skills. 
Barry has facilitated leadership and customer service development with companies like Bose Sound in Boston, Mosaic Potash, ISM Canada, Saskatchewan Provincial Government, Government of Canada. In May 2019 he spoke at The Answer Company’s national employee event in New Westminster, B.C. and delivered customer service training to a trucking company in Prince George B.C..

Tools and Assessments

Disc Styles
Conversational Intelligence® Catalyst Tools
Strengths Finder
Leadership styles assessments
Various assessments within methodology areas

Delivery Methods

Depending on circumstances, Barry coaches by the hour, in packages of 8 – 16 hours and in many cases for a specified number of months. Eg. 3 – 6 month engagements. Coaching sessions are normally one-half to one hour and spaced from one to four weeks apart depending on client needs and the point in the coaching process.
Barry begins his coaching engagements with an introductory conversation and if both parties are comfortable, he then completes contracting. Barry’s approach for coaching sessions is to determine the coachee’s development goals, then in each session focus on his coachee’s agenda, bringing in content methodologies as needed. 

Barry coaches in-person, on the phone and Zoom meetings.

Methodology and Approach

Phase 1

Discovery and Contracting

• Identify and discuss high-level need/expectations for coaching
• Determine key area(s) of focus for Coaching – goals and objectives.

• Establish evaluation and milestone check-ins.

• Finalize Coaching Contract. Establish frequency and timeframe.

Phase 2

Self-Awareness and Understanding

• Foster awareness of strengths and developmental opportunities
• Acknowledge/Identify strengths, unique gifts, potential blind spots and developmental priorities
• Incorporate findings into Coaching Plan
• Use leadership and habit development tools and others, as needed, to assist the client to move toward their goals.

Phase 3

On-going Coaching and Evaluation

• Commit to regular coaching sessions and schedule (weekly, bi-weekly, etc)
• Each coaching session follows the Coaching Clinic five-step model:
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Barry is bound by both his ICF and CPHR certifications and their codes of ethics.

Coaching Clinic

5-Step Model

1. Establish Focus: Coaching conversations are client and solution-focused and link to client’s overall coaching goals, facilitate ongoing discovery, awareness, and learning around the client’s thinking (current reality and the goal)
2. Discover Possibilities:  Facilitate the identification of possible options, ideas and solutions towards the client’s goal
3. Plan the Action:  Facilitate the development of an action plan to meet the client’s goal
4. Remove Barriers:  Assist the client to identify barriers to success and develop strategies to remove barriers.
5. Recap: Support the client to commit to action and establish accountability


“I have been working with Barry for over a year and have found him to be easy to talk to; we had a good rapport right from the start. Our coaching sessions have been beneficial by showing me that the message I give is not always received the way I intend and tools to ensure I get my message heard.  One of the tools I use the most is before I go into any conversation I ask myself “what is my role” and I have found that I have been connecting better with colleagues and clients when I take the time to think about the possible outcomes. The other great tool is I am responding more than reacting and that has furthered my work and personal relationships.”

Brad Hopfauf

Beaumont, Alberta

“Barry and I have worked together on occasion for over 10 years and during some professional development I was a part of in 2007, he was my leadership coach. I would not hesitate to recommend Barry as a coach: he is a good listener, kept our sessions goal-oriented and asked insightful questions. He is warm and respectful, yet challenged me to reconsider some of my thinking patterns and actions. In our recent work together since 2011 on a new program called Transitions, he has continued to demonstrate his passion for lifelong learning through his research into how personal habits of thought and action can be changed. This deep understanding of what it takes to successfully change habits sets Barry well above a typical leadership coach.” 

Marina Jeffery

Pursuit Learning & Consulting Ltd. 

Barry as a coach is very easy to talk to. He does a great job to ask questions to help work through the opportunity to learn and grow going forward. His experience shows in his ability to provide relatable examples as learning supplements. My time with Barry was very valuable to helping me grow my leadership and people skills overall.

Craig Moorhead

Bayer Inc.

I am fortunate enough to work in an organization that truly believes in coaching.  Barry asks me the hard questions I know I need to answer, but skirt when trying to work through a challenge on my own.  I have grown over the past four years in working with Barry, further than I would have had I not worked with Barry.  He has pushed me out of my comfort zone to explore those uncomfortable areas, always checking in to see if it is okay – and always with the caveat, that from discomfort comes growth. How does this translate to by skills at work?  As I said, my organization truly believes in coaching and emulating Barry, at times, has made me a better coach.  Yet it goes beyond coaching.  By challenging my perceptions in our coaching sessions, I have learned to expand my thought processes and see the bigger picture.  Understanding the bigger picture has allowed me to be more open to the different perspectives of those I work with.  I am listening and really hearing others, allowing me to work to implement strategies for the organization that are the best for everyone, not just my group.

Chris Swan

Encompass Credit Union