Customer Service Excellence

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Customer Service Excellence

This is a one day program for all employees, best experienced in two half-day sessions, with one or two weeks for practice in between.


Module 1


• The Human Side and Barry Davis
• Modules and Objectives

• Highlights and Actions

Module 2

Laying The Foundation

• Your Service Experiences Levels of Service Delivery Customer Service
• Are we on Target?
• Creating Value
• Service Balances

Module 3

Your Mindsets And Attributes

• Primary Attributes of Service Professionals (in any role)
• Building Trust and Rapport

• Staying on the Bridge

• Your View of Your Customer

• Your Choice—Reactive or Proactive?

• Your Role in Your Company

Module 4

Your Customer's Mindsets and Attributes

• The Value Equation
• Your Customer’s Expectations

• Moments of Truth

• Your Customer’s Journey

Module 5

The Customer Relationship

• Building Trust and Rapport
•100% Accountability
•The Red/Black Game
•Trust Accounts
•Trust Builders
• The Human Drama Triangle
• Calm and Refresh
• Choice Map
• Value Through Communication
• The Power of Questions
• The Dynamics of Empathy
• Relating Through Styles
• Language Counts

Module 6

Challenging Customer Situations

• Strategies for Challenges
• The Recovery Process

• Customer Service


Session 1

After completing Module 2

You will be able to:

• Delineate a clear line of sight to your customers
• Describe two balances critical to service excellence

After completing Module 3

You will be able to:

• Explain the three primary components that create trust and rapport with your customers
• Describe how you can maintain a professional mindset when serving your customers

• Express the importance of your role in creating excellent customer service

After completing Module 4

You will be able to:

• Know the components of the customer value equation
• Map the excellent and average potential outcomes in a customer experience


Session 2

After your application between Session 1 and 2

You will be able to:

• Report on specific example of where you used the content of Session 1 to enhance your service to customers
After completing Module 5, you will be able to:
     • Describe factors that ensure a win/win culture     • List five elements that contribute to building trust     • Differentiate communication skills that invest in quality solutions and skills that value customers     • Articulate the value of and path to empathizing with your customer     • Build strategies to adapt to various behavioural styles     • Give examples of effective and ineffective language to use with your customers

After completing Module 6

You will be able to:

• Apply strategies for dealing with challenging customer situations
• List the five steps of the recovery process
• Complete an action plan to apply your learning from Sessions 1 and 2