Leading Customer Experience Excellence

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Leading Customer Experience Excellence 

Available in 2 – 2-hour module webinar format


After completing this session, you will:
● be able to apply Customer Experience Excellence to your role as a leader ● know the leadership follow-through necessary to ensure application and sustainability of Customer Experience Excellence with your employees ● explore options for your professional mindset as a leader ● be prepared to give coaching support ● be prepared to accept and deliver three types of feedback  ● build a plan for immediate actions you can take

Table of Contents 


The Value of Customer Experience Excellence

Your Online Experience 
Review Highlights and Questions 

The Leader’s Role

Our Leadership Mindset
Modeling Service Excellence 
Your Role in Leading Customer Experience Excellence 

Supporting Learning and Application

Communicating the “Why”
During the Event

24-Month Follow-through Program

Quick Bytes and Leader Guides 
Facilitating Reviews 

Service Minutes 

Barry’s Support

Coaching Service Excellence

A Model for Coaching
Opportunities for Coaching

Giving Feedback as a Leader in Customer Service Our Mindset for Feedback



Leading Remotely and in Times of Crisis

Highlights and Action Plan