Customer Experience Excellence

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Customer Experience Excellence - Foundational Program 

Available in 2-hour online and 4 – 2 hour module webinar formats


After completing Module 1, you will be able to:
• Know the objectives of this program
• Clarify your desired learning outcomes  

Module 2

After completing Module 2, you will be able to:

• Delineate a clear line of sight to your customers  
• Describe two balances critical to service excellence  

Module 3

After completing Module 3, you will be able to:

• Explain the three primary components that create trust and rapport with your

• Describe how you can maintain a professional mindset when serving your

• Express the importance of your role in creating excellent customer service  

Module 4

After completing Module 4, you will be able to:

• Know the components of the customer value equation  
• Map the excellent and average potential outcomes in a customer experience  

Module 5

After completing Module 5, you will be able to:

• Describe factors that ensure a win/win culture  
• List five elements that contribute to building trust
• Learn communication skills that create value for your customers 
• Articulate the value of and path to empathizing with your customer  
• Build strategies to adapt to various behavioural styles  
• Give examples of effective and ineffective language to use with your customers 

Module 6

After completing Module 6, you will be able to:

• Apply strategies for dealing with challenging customer situations 
• List the five steps of the recovery process
• Complete an action plan to apply your learning  

Benefits of Leading Customer Experience Excellence

  • Reduced stress

  • Customer-centric focus

  • Deeper connections and relationships with customers

  • Deeper connections and relationships with team members

  • Reduction in escalations

  • Greater success calming upset customers

  • Employees continue to grow in service delivery over time

  • Higher customer satisfaction/loyalty/cooperation

  • Higher employee engagement/satisfaction

  • Stronger flow of value between team members

  • Reduced costs

  • Higher revenue